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Comforting Words

You have kept count of my tossings; Psalm 56:8a (ESV) One of my desires/wishes/hopes/prayers that makes my day is a good rest at night. The flipside is also true, if I didn’t get my hours of sleep at night, I … Continue reading

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Answer comes in the Morning

It has been a tiring journey lately. Only a few people whom I’ve shared briefly, in the need to find strength. Yesterday after we came back from the GP, decided to proceed with another CT Scan before going home, and … Continue reading

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IoT – Jonah

IoT stands for Irony of Things 🙂 I am reading Jonah for my devotion the last few days. And to some extent I see there’re so many ironies. I will just pick two lessons which I learnt this morning:

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In the Beginning

It has been a month since we landed here in Melbourne city. And life has been a lot of discovery of new things. We were looking for a church and still looking for it. This morning, as I woke up … Continue reading

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Amazed by Our God

He will respond to the prayer of the destitute;     he will not despise their plea. ~ Psalm 102: 17 This morning, I asked to meet with one of the Management team. I spoke about my additional entitlement this year for … Continue reading

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3 Things I Thank God This Morning

For the little yellow-olive bird that passed by and greeted me. Its fertilizing the flowers, making this world more beautiful. Thank You Lord, for my eyes to see Thy beauty and joy. For the two little girls in the train. … Continue reading

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Day by Day

I feel really so blessed. Last week started to count the Lord’s blessings. And i am very surprised, each day there’re always something I could give thanks to the Lord. The way God answer our prayers is just so amazing! … Continue reading

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Merciful & Compassionate God

I disagree with many who depict the God in the Bible as a nasty & cruel God. On the contrary, I see him as merciful God and abundance in love. Perhaps our worldview (lenses through which we see) affecting our … Continue reading

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Real Faith

“… I prayed to the LORD, saying: ‘Ah, Lord GOD! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you …’ – Jer 32 … Continue reading

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A problem with An Invisible God

Just came back from lunch, and the first thing in my mind was “the project“. And my heart reminded me about trusting God. I believe my heart was right. When the project seems very big too me such that i forgot … Continue reading

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