2012 Thanksgivings

1. My wife is pregnant :). We were not 100% sure until the doctor announced it. By the time we went to see the doctor, it’s already 8 weeks past. The first time the doctor put the tool and i heard the heartbeat…there’re no joy like that. Praise God! was my first reaction.

2. There’re launch of sale of balanced flat, soon after i got my citizenship. We could get a house without need to wait for 4 years.

3. I got my citizenship pretty fast & easy, despite the initial difficulties and incidence i forgot to turn up for appointment. The Lord is good. Still my wife reminded me, my citizenship is in Heaven.

4. My good colleague MC drove us around the area, helped us see the place & where’re the good spots. He also showed us his house. TG for him and his wonderful wife A.

5. The Lord arranged for us to meet my ex-colleague S on our way back. He’s stayed in that area for 3 years and know the place well. I’m glad there’s a friend stay there. Plus a good church friend RS told me it’s a good location, since his bro-in law lives there too.

6. Our good friend R, made a teddy bear soap for my wife. It’s just so wonderfully cute 🙂

7. My wife lost her wallet in Orchard R, and a kind soul returned her wallet intact. Thank God for the person.

8. We’re recipient of God’s lavish grace…..all baby stuff fulfilled, and we’ve more than enough. My wife told me this God’s providence even before the baby come. Everything we received for free. In fact, we received branded stuff that even if we had the money, we won’t buy them. When we’re poor, then we’re rich.

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