2015 Thanksgivings

  1. The birth of our 2nd daughter. The Lord answered all our prayers; a healthy and normal baby, we got taxi imagine at night and live far from hospital, we got helpful nurse, the doctor came on time, it was not midnight (though the baby born midnite), and we didn’t need extended stay in hospital. Everything was went well and smooth.
  2. We managed to get all the paper work done on Saturday (birth cert registration, baby bonus, and CDA account)
  3. Our girl was healed from the jaundice without the need to rent the fototheraphi machine (cost us $300) for our first baby.
  4. I got 5 days paternity leave, on time when the company was away. The timing cannot be better.
  5. The house was quite ready, when my mum-in-law spent about 1 week to come earlier. Again the timing was right. Otherwise the house not yet ready, or she wasted too much time preparing.
  6. We got her stay extended for another 1 month.
  7. Our first girl fell on our 2nd girl, and thank God so much our 2nd girl seems ok.
  8. We got the baby bonus money very quickly from government. Thank God for the timing also.
  9. Today the 2nd day of CNY, and my girl poke my eyes. I couldn’t find my contact lense, when i went to seek optometrist, nobody was around as the shops closed. The people were not helpful also. It could turn out to be a bad day if i lose the contact lense, worse, i feel something not right with my eyes. And my girl was tired. Prayed to God, and He answered me, the contact lense still in my eye. Managed to get it out with $2. Put our girl to sleep, and my wife managed breastfeed our youngest girl. At the end, we had a one off date of the day (or month, even year). It was so perfect. (20th Feb 2015) 
  10. My big boss gave me time off on Christmas Eve to care for my little baby, instead of sacrificing one day leave
  11. God is good to protect my baby when the fever hit 40.1 degree celcius on Christmas Day and we don’t know what to do.
  12. Got connected from Tjeli -> Angky -> Om Paul. God’s timing

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