Afterthought reactions

This page would contains my afterthought enactment of incidents.


1. About working late

One day as i went home from work, my neighbor made this comment:

N: You worked very hard.

V: Some people worked hard to gain promotion. Some because they love to work. Some because they’ve very demanding boss. Today i work bit late because I wanted to please my God 🙂 He’s delighted over a job well done. I could do less and nobody will mind, but God sees me and my work.


2.  About the value of children

Someone in office made this remark, that children are liabilities until they give money to the parents

V: The Psalmist says that children are like arrows in the quiver. Happy the man who make his quiver full. In the hands of God, children are very precious. They’re the next generation to be entrusted with the faith to carry on God’s glorious mission on Earth. Parent’s are just God’s trusted guardian / vehicle for God’s plan.

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