About me (Long)

I happened to find a full profile of a friend on the blogspot. It was a very impressive CV of achievements and contributions. I also heard a sharing by a lady who went around thanking people for her 50th year anniversary. The thought came to me that I am who I am today, thanks to the so many people in my life.

Here is the list which I hope to grow as I recalled the names & faces of those people one by one:

  1. My primary school teachers who believed in me and invested their lives in me.
    1. I remembered Mrs Debora that coached me early in the morning before school started, so that I could participate in a local competition.
    2. I also remembered Mrs Linda who called me by middle name because she saw something there and then. Made me proud and believed in that name.
    3. I also rememberd Mrs Ima who forgave me when I confessed that I cheated in the exam. That forgiveness was wonderful.
    4. I also remembered Mrs Vero who taught me for 2 years and showed me the dedication of teachers and serving with joy.
    5. I also remembered Ms Indah who gave me the drawing book as present and made me good at drawing and love it.
  2. My auntie who sent me to school on her motorbike during my primary school days. My first experience of riding motorbikes, the feeling of fresh morning air.
  3. My mother in law that treated me so special. Cleaning up our house so clean that I don’t have to worry about children hygiene.