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In memory of a sister

2 weeks ago, I received the news that a dear sister in Christ was called Home. The night before, I prayed with my wife if God will heal her, let him do it, otherwise, let him bring her back. And … Continue reading

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The sweet habits

I thought they’re sweet and won’t last forever. And so i thought to put it down here. One day when i look into it, and the remembrance of it will bring the sweetness again. My elder girl, used to welcome … Continue reading

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Today, finally managed to transfer the amount of money that supposed to be given over a year ago. It was delayed because I could not get the account of the other party. Just got connected back in December. With a … Continue reading

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In memory of my late father

Yesterday, I met my new supervisor. Somehow, from our conversation, reminded me of my late father. And yeah, after all these years…somehow, i would still wish if he could remain alive today. I wish that i could be like any … Continue reading

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Coming of a VIP

Today, there’s a minister coming to our premise. And it’s interesting to see what’s going on and how people respond to the news. The building management has the stage and lighting prepared from yesterday.

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