2013 Thanksgivings

Before the end of the year, just thought to record things which we’re thankful to God for:

  1. God’s deliverance for our daughter. The biggest scare of our lives when she got a seizure and turned blue. Yet the Lord protected her, and to me, spare her life.
  2. God’s protection over our daughter on the MRT incidence.
  3. Our daughter’s 1st birthday and dedication. Thankful for all the friends that come all the way to our house.
  4. Our new home, that the Lord provided. I am thankful for everything here, the bedroom, living room, kitchen…everything. God is good.
  5. Our families. I had wonderful mother-in-law, and also sister-in-law.
  6. Close friends, celebrated life and events, having fun.
  7. God’s teaching on life (a few times attended wake…even death of little babies, to keep me sober and in perspective…life here is temporal and short)
  8. Pay increase this year, after so long. It does help us significantly.

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