Holistic of Holistic

It’s something that I shared with my wife 2 years ago.

That time we learnt so many things about the word “holistic”. From holistic dentistry, holistic healthcare, etc…..Suddenly so many fields claiming to be holistic. And in the essence what they mean with holistic is treating an illness, a patient, or a problem, with a different view / perspective from the normal way. Some may call these approaches “alternatives”.

From these readings and experience, i told my wife that they’re not really holistic (for they’re still looking in part and not the whole). So i come up with the term the holistic of holistic. Which in essence, trying to combine all perspective and forming a new one after taking into account all the possible views.

And so i just realized this. It’s not to say there’s no right and wrong, or good and bad. Those are absolute values which there’s right and wrong, good and bad choices and outcomes. But holistic of holistic means we need to see the whole as a whole.

– What job best for me?
– What I should be doing? Should i start my own business, or work for people?
– What business then? Or which company should i join?

Applying holistic of holistic approach, will eventually lead to different answer for every person. Because every person is unique. It takes into account a person’s personality, values, and even course of events & opportunities that will lead a person to A and not B, etc. In the sense, there’s no fixed answer. It varies and even for the same person, with different time and season in life, the answer may not be the same.

The reverse is true. Others or most approach will only look into one or two variables, like capabilities, talent, personalities, and therefore decide what the best for a person. Without taking into consideration his/her family situation, economy climate, situation surrounds him/her, and probably some of his/her dreams and aspirations which may be totally unrelated to his/her talents and educations.

So, my favorite answer to people: “it’s all depends” 🙂

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