Lessons from God’s Word (Psalm)

The last one week, I’ve been meditating on Psalm 106, and am very surprised with the so many lessons that I learnt. Below some of the lessons that I could remember:

When our ancestors were in Egypt,
    they gave no thought to your miracles;
they did not remember your many kindnesses,
    and they rebelled by the sea, the Red Sea. (v. 7)

It is something new to me. We used to tell our children the 10 Plagues God sent to Egypt, and then the Passover. That’s the story of Exodus, where God led the Israelites out of Egypt by Moses and Aaron.

But here in Psalm 106, God is showing us what went on in the hearts and minds of the Israelites. They all saw the miracles, but they gave no thought at all. It’s so scary to think we are capable of seeing such great things happened among us, and gave no thought. I shudder to think we are capable of such hardening of hearts.

They exchanged their glorious God
    for an image of a bull, which eats grass. (v.20)

Again another shocking revelation to me, that we’re capable of doing such great depravity with our eyes open. I believe every religious person would agree that God is a Supreme being that Greater than anything. Yet, with the same breath, many religious person would make an image of his/her God. How can it be?

Do we then fall into the same folly?

So he said he would destroy them—
    had not Moses, his chosen one,
stood in the breach before him
    to keep his wrath from destroying them. (v.23)
But Phinehas stood up and intervened,
    and the plague was checked. (v.30)

There is this pattern of righteous person who stood up before God and stopped God’s wrath.

Left on their own, their doom is guaranteed. For God is a Just God, and He would destroy those who rebels against Him. Yet again and again, Israel’s were spared because someone stood before God to appeal for His mercy.

So in the cycle of man’s sin & God’s righteous punishment, there’s place for intercession. Whenever there are wrongs (which I think all the time), and God’s angered being poured down (there’re times God witholding His anger and times when He pours His anger), stands in the middle is the intercessory role.

I see that as an invitation for us to stand up. Stand up among sinful people and stand up before God. A double position which extremely hard. Yet times and again, we must acknowledge there’s such place & time, because human’s nature & God’s nature.

When we see depravities of men escalates, it’s opportunity to stand up for God (declaring His righteousness against all corruptions), and stand up before God.

I pray for the Manly Seven who stood up for their faith against the pressure to adopt the values of this world. May the Lord keep their life to shine bright for Him and silent those who speak evil against them.

This was credited to him as righteousness
    for endless generations to come. (v.31)

make their descendants fall among the nations
    and scatter them throughout the lands. (v.27)

God is a Righteous Judge, and hence He punishes the wrongs and rewards the rights. Be assured that our righteousness would be credited into our account, and blessings to our descendants. Both sides, God’s wrath sometimes go down to generations of people that hate Him, and His love to generations of people that love Him.

Therefore our choices today matters. They affect not only ourselves, but our children’s children, be it good or bad.

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Thoughts from Dreamy Land

The last 4 weeks were probably the peak & highlight for our family this year. Many things were leading to it and we tasted it to the full probably. Something that was initially not possible, and then became possible, and at the end a good memory.

First time in my life I forgot to bring my bible with me. That probably shows the state of my mind when preparing for the trip. It is a big thing for me to forget bringing the Bible. Everywhere I go, I always remember to bring my bible. Even when I was late for my flight, and I could only bring one thing with me, I chose to bring my Bible.

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God chose the weak

Last week was a special week for me. We had school break & Easter week holiday, and we spent 3 days attending Belgrave Height Easter convention. What I am amazed at was the magnitude of power in women that I encounter.

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What new with you?

I remember once with my girls we read about other’s culture, and there’s one African / Asian culture that instead asking,”how are you?”, they would ask,”what is new with you?” My bad memory…:(

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Amazed and Grateful

This afternoon, I felt really miserable. I felt really alone, and I do not know who I could share with. I felt discouraged, and bit like Job. He received bad news one after the other. He kept losing his fortune in successive waves, and finally he lost his children, and his health. And he rightly felt that God has abandoned him.

I said I felt a bit like Job because I still have my wealth, my health, and children. But the things that went wrong keep coming one after another.

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Experience vs Head Knowledge

Yesterday, I heard a sharing from a brother about his experience that opened up his eyes. For the last 30 years, he thinks he is okay, until the one experience that force him to look deep and hard.

That sharing triggered me, together with few other incidents. There are times in my life that I experience those moments. That I had to go alone and wrestle with God like Jacob. It’s better off to wrestle with God and became limping afterwards, then to go on with life but unsettled. It is better of, far better of, to lose everything but to know Christ, identified with him in his death and to know the power of his resurretion, than to go with life having everything but empty of his power.

Or to borrow Jim Elliot’s famous words,”he is no fool who give what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose”.

It’s better to lose everything and follow Jesus, than to have everything but lose Jesus.

Thank you brother for your honest and simple sharing. I love my dear wife too for that very reason. A woman who fearful of many things, but regarding Jesus, she could say without a blink nor a slightest doubt,”I rather have Jesus than anything.”

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First Noel

I got a feeling that my eldest girl has a special link with the First Noel. I didn’t realise it until this evening after what she made for her sister on her 7th birthday.

Last Christmas she sang the hymn for our children church. She memorised the whole 5 chapters. Then during her poetry class, she made herself a poem titled the First Noel. I need to dig that up. She came out that by herself, quite telling for a girl at her age.

And now she made the whole Nativity scene with baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph in the stable, using polymer clay, old cardboard, and some paints. She even made a light on the stable.

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On a low note

Life isn’t always a mountain top experience. Just like piano has low notes, so sometimes God used the low points of life to sober us down.

An empty inbox, no new clicks, no change of status, no good news from afar, no happenings. Questions if not criticism, grumbling if not bad mouthing or bad thoughts. Feeling alone on a journey, unable to reach a decision or rather not sure which way to go.

Where do I go from here? I felt for those people felt they’re forgotten. It’s true, we often quick to forget. Our enthusiasm and memory doesn’t serve us long. I felt for those who’re old too. Who in their old age not only face loneliness, frailty of life, weakening of bodies and minds, but being forgotten.

A prayer to my God. Please remember me and forget me not.

In my lowly state, I learnt to be quiet.

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Thanksgiving 2021

We just came back from holiday. A nice holiday. Yesterday, had a scare when I called to make doctor appointment, they asked me to go see Emergency.

So this morning, post holiday and post scare, we had all our food ready. I just thought to give thanks to God.

Thank you Lord for eyes that see. It's so good to see.
Thank you Lord for breath in my lungs. It's so good to be alive.
Thank you Lord for good health that I could move around.

Thank you Lord for watching over us; on the road, the weather, food on the table....those that we do not have control over.
I pray you use the breath, vision, and mind that You gave, for praiseworthy stuff for you.

Thank you Lord for being so good.
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2 Loaves and 1 Chicken

Yesterday I went to buy bread and pick up groceries. As I came down from car and wait for my order, a man approached me. He opened his hands with some coins, told me that his pay only comes on Monday, and asked me if I could help him. I took $2.1 from my pocket and I gave him the $2. He said,”thank you mate, thank you mate.”

I entered the bread shop to buy our usual bread. I was shocked that the price has increased by almost 7% for bread. As I left the bread shop still in disbelief, I thought probably I shouldn’t be too generous with the man asking money, who knows he’s just lazy and not really in need. As I went into the car, I passed the man, and he kept saying, “thank you mate, thank you mate.”

Then my wife called, asked me to get chicken for lunch. So I went to the nearby supermarket to get the usual roasted chicken. To my delight, I found the chicken was discounted. So I quickly got one and went home.

After lunch, I reflected on the incident; I gave $2 to a man that asked me, and the price of daily bread went up by almost 7%. But at the end, I got chicken for lunch on promotion that cover the $2 and 7% increased in bread. I felt as if God was telling me not to worry, that He would take care of us.

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