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Love of God

Sometimes God uses animal to teach us something. And I thought tonight, He uses our little pets to teach me about His divine love.

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Loving hands

I thought i would never see it again… It was in 1998 when i left home, and kept my mum’s sewn clothes as probably greatest treasure. I still remember she sewn all my clothes, with different colour strings. She said … Continue reading

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Words that make a difference

Last nite i went “crazy”. Bringing back my work (which i hardly do), cutting off my sleep in order to work again in the morning, and working all day in office. Perhaps once of memorable time i would remember. Normally … Continue reading

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Was reading entry from gurli’s entry on 21st April abt mother http://tabulas.com/~gurli/. A very good thing. A nice one . And look at my calendar desk closer, a shot of mother and her son, who’s wrongly imprisoned in Turkey for … Continue reading

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What a mother – self identity

Told my mum abt my new job last week, she didn’t ask much, nor did she know the goodness of this company, yet she’s thankful for the fact that i got a job and i was happy abt it self-identity, … Continue reading

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Mum is still the best

called home and talked with mum yesterday abt my decision on work. thank u so much mum for being understanding and patient. i thank God too who works amazingly such that things turn out good, much better than what i … Continue reading

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Again mother’s love

Give a quite long call to mum, and touched by what she said that she’s praying for me to get the job that i want not what she wants.

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Mum’s wisdom

hahaha…=) i’m very much impressed by mum… i thought i’ve grown to be an independent and wise adult, yet when i talked and listened to mum, she’s far much wiser, much wiser than people of my generation wisdom of old, … Continue reading

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