On Teaching Children

Some thoughts as i ponder upon daily incidents with them:

On Cursing/Dirty Words
A: “Teacher, B said the F word”
B: “No!”
T: “Ok, thank you A for reporting this to me”
T: “I want you to know 2 things.” Dirty words is wrong. Second, you don’t fear God yet. You only fear teacher and parents. Know this that God sees and hears everything we do and say. Even when there’s no teachers or parents around, but God knows. If you fear God, you will be afraid to do wrong things.”
T: “Will you do it again next time? Why?” (hopefully they can answer because there’s God who sees and hears them).

On my way to office….thinking abt children ministry…and i imagined this conversation 🙂
On Trees
T: “Look at the trees!” “What are rare thing isn’t it? You don’t get to see this kind thing everyday.”
B: “Hmm..”
T: “Look at the leaves, trunks, heightttt”
T: “How do u think the trees can be there?”
T: “They come out from the ground, arent they? Like the grass, etc … hmm…how the trees can come out from the ground?”
T: “Do you think there’s something under the ground?” 🙂
T: “Well, you see the tall buildings yesterday?”
T: “They too come out from the ground.”
T: “But how do you think those building come out from the ground?” They didn’t just come out suddenly…
A: “Because people build it”
T: “Yes, Correct!! The buildings are not there last year, but because ppl build it, so it’s there now!”
A : “So there must be ppl build the tree?”
T: “Haha…but tree is different from building isn’t it? You don’t see anybody build a tree? People plant trees…but how the tree become alive?”
A: “I don’t know”
T: “It’s not people that build the tree, but it’s God that build the tree” 🙂
A: “God?”
T: “Yes, God! ..People can only build dead things, like building, school, hospital, houses….But God build the living things like trees, flowers, grass…:)”

On Bodies
T: “And do you know what? God is good”
T: “God does not only make trees grow, but your body can grow because of God also.”
T: “How do you think you grow taller every year?”
A: “Because i eat, exercise”
T: “Yes, half correct….how then the food turn to be 3 cm height? You leg grow longer, you body grow fatter. You eat the dead meat .. how it becomes you grow alive?”
A: “Hehehe…….”
T: “It’s because God that works…he can uses all things like to make trees grow taller…so he uses food to make u grow taller and bigger also.”
T: “That’s to show that God is good, and he loves everything that he created…including you.”

T: “Do you want know how much God loves you?”

On Going to Heaven
T: “How do you think trees die?”
A: “Chopped down”
T: “You’re rite”
A: “So human too?”
T: “Yes”
T: “But human’s life doesn’t stop there. However, no human knows. Imagine, when a person dies, he’s no more, so nobody knows what happened after a person die.”
T: “Because after a person die, he cannot come back to alive again.”
T: “But God knows, and he tells us.”
A: “How?”
T: “God tells us what happened after the person die, through this book called the Bible.”
T: “Do you want to know?”
A: “Yes”
T: “The bible tells us that after a person dies, he’s only 2 ways to go…one going up, one going down. THe up is better…called heaven…where God is….the bottom is worse callled hell…where Satan is.”
T: “Where do you think you want to go?”
A: “Heaven”
T: “Yp…everyone want to go to heaven.” But God says there’s only one way that people can go to heaven….do you want to know how?”
A: “Yes”