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Power & Limit

If Thou canst do any thing, have compassion on us, and help us ~ Mark 9:22 It has been lately in my mind and the devotion from Oswald Chambers today seems very apt. A lot of time I have struggle … Continue reading

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Money’s Power

Many would agree that money has power. Those who has money, has the say. And those without money, doesn’t have a say. However, i notice that money has power of its own. Power that even greater than the one who … Continue reading

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Grappling with the gods: Mammon (1)

Thoughts bit here and there…in fact scattered all over place. The topic that I’m passionate and proposing to write paper on it. And now in midst of doing it, and much prayer about it, that all these things happen. But … Continue reading

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Meaning of strength

This morning as we’re doing our devotion, this thing came to mind. How life of David and Saul such a big contrast. At the end of 1 Samuel, Saul is pictured as a man who lost his strength “Then Saul … Continue reading

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Victory of Christ

Tonite was reading from John’s gospel on Jesus’ trial before Pilate and how he ‘delivered’ him to be flogged by the soldiers, and then they actually made crown of thorns and ‘delivered’ strikes at him. While mocking him as King. … Continue reading

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