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The Hour

It’s a mixed of emotions within. Of sadness, of uncertainty, of thanksgivings, and of peace. Even if I cannot make a meaning of all these thoughts and emotions, I think for my sanity, this writing would be a good channel. … Continue reading

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Rumbling thoughts (milestone year, uncertainties, and questions)

There has been many things going on in my life & thoughts at the moment. That I thought to write them down will help me to cool down 🙂

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A week update

Tonight, my wife just told me how fortunate we are to be able to get the house so fast. In comparison, there is a newcomer who found it very hard to secure a place. And also she recalled one of … Continue reading

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A silly father

Last night I tried to put our two girls to sleep together again. It ended up the younger disturbed the older one with her vomitting.

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3 Years and What is it for me?

In 2 days times, we will celebrate our girls’ 3rd birthday. This year we will celebrate it bigger and hopefully better (by inviting her friends, and some our friends). My wife has been working very hard to ensure that everything … Continue reading

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Worship in the Odd timing

For the last 4 nites probably, I have been sleeping around 2am. Because our newborn girl started to wake up at 11pm. And she will slowly empty her bowel with little drops (followed by a lot of pains & cries … Continue reading

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God is faithful

Tonight, after Reunion Dinner, we went home, and as usual, we read bible for our family devotion. Pauls’ last words were our devotion for past 3 days. And today, he quoted what Jesus taught (interestingly not recorded in any the … Continue reading

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Feeling heavy

Time really flies Heavy hearted for the many things happened … Life isn’t so simple after all One thing after another I really hope life would be much simpler than this I guess probably physically and mentally been very tired … Continue reading

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On Tired body

Activities has been many latelay. Juggling over one thing over another. Settling one thing followed by settling other things. And when i thought of comparing myself with others “less” than me. I thought i must have been tiring for doing … Continue reading

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i want go home

Last nite went home really late… my colleagues was talking if today my first time stayed up so late … well, i’ve good reasons to do that … (hmm, too long to be told here) but yah, so went home, … Continue reading

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