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God knows

It’s again the same old bad habit…comparing myself with another person. What do I compare? Achievement…in terms of possession (assets, career, future, etc). And it seems that i just “wasted” my years and life for “nothing”. Till, when i was … Continue reading

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3 Years and What is it for me?

In 2 days times, we will celebrate our girls’ 3rd birthday. This year we will celebrate it bigger and hopefully better (by inviting her friends, and some our friends). My wife has been working very hard to ensure that everything … Continue reading

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God whose ways and thoughts are higher than us

And he said to me, “To measure Jerusalem, to see what is its width and what is its length.” ‘Jerusalem shall be inhabited as villages without walls,   And I will be to her a wall of fire all around, Lord, and … Continue reading

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Life is in the hands of God

This week is heavily marked with Mr Lee Kuan Yew death. All over the news, watsapp, and conversation are all around him. Today was his state funeral, and the emotion was seemingly high. This morning, as i attended the Church … Continue reading

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Our Story

Yesterday I’m really glad that we made it to watch Toy Story 3. If not because God’s intervention, i wonder when we’d watch it. We had little quarrel also . Thank God for the wonderful arrangement that we never thought of…thanks … Continue reading

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US Trip (3)

Finally the day is tomorrow… Update from my last entry on US trip, at the end, managed to get Canon PowerShot A520…with cheapest price.. $488 with 512 mb SD Card + back pack + charger…. And this is really thank … Continue reading

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Nite Sky again

Hmmph…got something troubled me last nite, just take a walk outside to the roof top kind and gazing the nite sky (one thing i do enjoy)… Hmmmph…reminded once again of several things. The sky is so big. So does God … Continue reading

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