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3 Years and What is it for me?

In 2 days times, we will celebrate our girls’ 3rd birthday. This year we will celebrate it bigger and hopefully better (by inviting her friends, and some our friends). My wife has been working very hard to ensure that everything … Continue reading

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Eternity in Perspective

Lately i’ve been thinking and reflecting about life. This year going to an end. I’ve a colleague suffered a serious cancer. Family members of my cell group had serious health issues. And i do know that my life here on … Continue reading

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Caught vs Taught

I remember vaguely the words that say,”character / virtue is caught instead of taught.” And i often wonder what does it mean. Another friend said,”you cannot give what is not there. You yourself must have it.” And again, this words … Continue reading

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Life is unfair (3)

Perhaps this’s my last entry on this subject I don’t know how to explain or put it in a clear and sober way… However the accounts of 3 people I read lately have opened my eyes. One is a man … Continue reading

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Song of Time

Life on earth is temporary On this last years, There’ve been so many death cases Why are you disturbed o my soul? life is temporary why do u think it’s eternal? If tomorrow never comes why do u worry so … Continue reading

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