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Refined through suffering

This morning, my wife shared with me a news article which featured my former lecturer in Singapore Bible College. He won an ExtraOrdinary Caretaker Giver award. As I read his story, I could not help but crying and felt emotional … Continue reading

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I am thankful for Jesus

For the last few nights, i have been watching my girl crying in pain when she’s passing motion. Many times i pleaded with the Lord for mercy. I couldn’t take it to see my girl in such pain (when she … Continue reading

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Life is unfair (3)

Perhaps this’s my last entry on this subject I don’t know how to explain or put it in a clear and sober way… However the accounts of 3 people I read lately have opened my eyes. One is a man … Continue reading

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Life is unfair (2)

I woke up in the middle of nite, and cried. Why there’s suffering? Why good people suffer? Why does God allow good people to suffer? It’s not theological question, but it’s emotional response Why there’s a need for such intense … Continue reading

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