Refined through suffering

This morning, my wife shared with me a news article which featured my former lecturer in Singapore Bible College. He won an ExtraOrdinary Caretaker Giver award. As I read his story, I could not help but crying and felt emotional in the inside.

He is one of the person that I admire and respect. Not because of his charm, or intellect, or influence, or help. But merely because he went through a lot, and despite all those, he is still joyful and dedicated teacher. He threw his ambition to get a PhD in Theological studies, despite his brilliant knowledge. He also didn’t go very far in academic proffession, but he is one of the most dedicated and hardworking lecturer I had.

Reading through the report, I just could not imagine how much he and his wife had went through all these years. It must be extremely tough if not impossible.

And yet, his closing testimony was remarkable. I quoted here:

Learn to take one day at a time. We make plans and hold them tentatively. In crisis situations, learn to expect nothing, and anything else you get can be seen as a bonus and cause for rejoicing.

If there’s one thing his life model and inspire and affirm, I would think that suffering molds a person better than anything else. Character that went through suffering, would emerge beautiful, like the Lord Jesus.

Here the full story:

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