A Dinner Invite

This morning, one my colleagues invited me for a dinner.

Which of course, I won’t decline :) And of course, I didn’t know how things would turn out. A dinner is just a meal? I could not be more wrong :)

Thank God the place is not too far. So I managed to get there quite fast. Again passing through the same road I go to office everyday. I was welcomed into a very nice and pleasant house. It’s very warm and homy, very neat and well taken care. It just a beautiful setting and feeling.

The appetizer was really an art. It like done by a pro. I took a picture to show to my wife. Then came the meal of carbonara, by a man who specialized in Italian food. I could not believe this. Even more amazed that he is a Food Technologist. What on earth, and he studied Food Technology in the best university in the world when he was young. I was so happy when my colleague offered me second round :)

And came the dessert, done by the daughter. I thought what a family. The husband specialized in Italian and Spanish dish, the wife in Chinese cuisine, and the daughter also a Food Technologist work in a Master Chef company specialized in Greek food. The wine was excellent. It tastes just right and very very smooth. It is probably the best dinner I had ever so far in Melbourne.

And we shared our stories, how I came to OM, how she came to OM. We shared stories about our childhood dreams also, and how the Lord brought us back to what we’d forgotten. God never forget.

Then we shared about our families, what we went through. Indeed the Lord is so wise and often escape our human comprehension. What we thought impossible, and what we never thought, He orchestrated and brought to pass. I shared about my mother in law journey of going one after another treatments and ended up in Melaka, with the same person my friend in Melbourne knew. And how the non Christian doctor told her to trust in her God. All these just could not happened by chance at all. It has to be God.

Then we had a good laugh about our names that confuses the local people here. So yah, it was really a great dinner. Didn’t expect we could make that connection so quickly. And then the story of their children. Each one has meaningful names. And God has really blessed this family, and may continue to bless this family.

I got a nice present of USB light. May I shine for the Lord.

Thank you so much for the dinner :)



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