Twice Saved

I heard before a story of a young boy who made a beautiful wooden boat, let’s call his name Johnny. One day as he was playing with his precious boat in the nearby river, he lost the boat to the current. He jumped to the water, and tried his best to save the boat. But the current was too fast and he could not get back his boat.

He went home sad because he lost his precious boat. One day, as he went to nearby town, he saw in a shop, his boat was sold for a price. He was shocked and happy. He checked closer and recognized that it is really his boat. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the money to buy back the boat.

So he worked hard at home, to earn the money. One day, after he collected all the money, he went to the shop to buy his boat. After he paid the price, he was so happy to be able to bring home his boat. As he was walking out the shop, he hugged his boat, and he said,”Don’t you ever lost from me again, because twice I own you.”

Last night, on Palm Sunday, the similar story took place in the car. It was dinner time, we’re running late, I was distracted with my girl singing (actually praising God), and I pushed a CD at the top of the player. It went inside and we couldn’t take it out. My wife was very distracted by the incident. I tried to calm her by saying that it’s ok. When i bring the car to the shop, the mechanic would be able to retrieve it back. But what if the mechanic could not? Then we can still buy a new CD.

After we got home, my wife refused to go in, and she sat there inside the car, trying to prick out the CD using skewer sticks and tape and torch light. I went home to settle the rubbish, the laundry, and the children. 30 minutes later, after I threw the rubbish, run the laundry, and settled down the children, my wife still couldn’t retrieve it back, and i came back to help her. It was many “discouraging” moments. When she almost got it, then it slipped back. I got discouraged and told her to leave it to the mechanic. There are so many precious things we could do and spend our time with. She insisted to stay doing it. The children came and went. The second time I left her in the car, and I saw the determination in her face.

Inside the house, I asked our girls to pray for mum. That God helped her to retrieve the CD. Just after my girl finished praying, then my wife shouted victory. But then the next thing is the CD is full of scratches. Still in her great determination, she went upstairs and use tape to clean up all the scratches. By that time, I already finished preparing the children to sleep. They had night bible reading and game night. And finally she shouted another victory, the CD is clean again!!!

Now, can this CD tell her that it wants to go back to the wrong place? I bet you I would not allow it to happen again. Because my wife has own it twice, and cleaned it.

It’s the same with God who owned us twice through creation and sacrificial death of Jesus. And by His Spirit cleansed us from our sins. Can we say to God that we would rather go back to our old ways and lost in them again? No way!!