4 KM prayers


Prayers for Tabitha:
3 main people to run the ministry
4 church elders that supportive
5 results of the ministry (can be in many forms)
6 teachers (available to teach)
7 years to bear visible fruits
8 supportive employers
9 prayer partners (praying for the local & global ministry
10 people to start with this year

Prayers for my DG:
1 year objective to be achieved
2 new leaders
3 new people each year (if less, i don’t pray enough, if more thanks be to God who trusts us)
4 main leaders be united as one
5 life touched from this ministry (in turn will touch other lives and so on…till the whole church and beyond)
8 regular members (faithfully each week)

Prayers for myself:
7 a perfect gift from God
8 clear direction for year 2008
9 character of Fruit Spirit to externalized
10 sins to get rid of

Just thot if anybody claims prayer walk as more spiritual than standing prayer….i’d challenge that person for prayer run…(jk) :p

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