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Uncommon Benediction

Of the so many years I attended service (easily 23 years * 52 weeks = 1200 times), this the first time I heard the following benediction: May God the Father prepare your journey, Jesus the Son guide your footsteps, The … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Dreamy Land

The last 4 weeks were probably the peak & highlight for our family this year. Many things were leading to it and we tasted it to the full probably. Something that was initially not possible, and then became possible, and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving 2021

We just came back from holiday. A nice holiday. Yesterday, had a scare when I called to make doctor appointment, they asked me to go see Emergency. So this morning, post holiday and post scare, we had all our food … Continue reading

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The Quiet Counting

The holiday is over, and each one of us brings home a memory. What is the best part of the holiday? What is the best food we ate? What is the best memory we remember about? What is the not … Continue reading

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Lessons learnt for last 1 week

My stomach is still cramping. This is the 3rd day already. But the lessons are so raw and i better capture them before they’re gone. First, with my short interaction with my best friend on the car when he drove … Continue reading

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Long updates over eventful past

The days are long but the times are short. There were quite many events happened between last post and this post. Instead of going back in time, I would prefer to write a summary of those events. Let the memory … Continue reading

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A Holiday to Remember

This holiday is special in many ways! Our first family holiday, as well as my birthday treat, and lastly a kind of babymoon for my wife. It was almost cancelled because our girl fell sick on the day we were … Continue reading

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Beautiful Wedding

About 2 weeks ago, we went up to Bali for one my best friends. We didn’t really make a plan, for it’s just 1 day trip. It’s during the times when airlines imposed additional surchages (i think to cope with … Continue reading

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Take it easy – Cameron Highlands drama [end]

Somehow [how often i use this word], i manage to take it easy this round. Just want to close the Cameron Highlands trip story…similar story of rushing and last minute thing…and the mercy of God  It’s monday morning, i lead … Continue reading

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Story of A Luggage – 2

I spent about 6 days in Orlando, 4 days in Disney World + 1 day rest + 1 Disney Downtown..Another long story that shall be kept for other time. Time to leave Orlando for Canada…so Thursday morning on 7th July, … Continue reading

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