Thoughts from Dreamy Land

The last 4 weeks were probably the peak & highlight for our family this year. Many things were leading to it and we tasted it to the full probably. Something that was initially not possible, and then became possible, and at the end a good memory.

First time in my life I forgot to bring my bible with me. That probably shows the state of my mind when preparing for the trip. It is a big thing for me to forget bringing the Bible. Everywhere I go, I always remember to bring my bible. Even when I was late for my flight, and I could only bring one thing with me, I chose to bring my Bible.

Then I got COVID on our holiday, with 4 days of fever and not able to read the Bible. It was painful for me. The days passed so quickly with so little joy.

During those waking & sleeping moments, this thought came to my mind. That the greatest weapon we need to equip ourselves with and use to the full, is a small dose of God’s Word every opportunities.

Our enemies know it well. That’s why they try to silent any opposing voices. One who controls the news controls the outcome. Confuse the people and they are like sheeps without the Shepherd. It’s not difficult to tell lies and shut people’s down. That’s what being taught in schools these days.

But the flip side is also true. God’s Word is the enduring Word that will outlast everything in this world. Even a drop of it, given regularly, is enough to counter and set prisoners free. Besides, the Word was with God and the Word was God.

So make it your aim friend, in every situation possible, seek to drop God’s Word. Do it regularly and consistently. Even the tiniest drop of God’s Word has the power to make a difference, when you do it so often faithfully. I believe the harvest would follow, perhaps hundreds of year afterwards. But that’s okay, because it outlast our lives on this earth.

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