Lessons that my daughter taught me

She’s just a baby. Yet she taught me a lot things; about God, about myself, and about life. Here are some collections of the lessons I learnt:

1. God so loved us

Before this, i never know the extent of His love. But the word becomes more meaningful after i have her. The extent of God’s love that he sent His one and only Son to die for his enemies………that’s indescribable. I definitely won’t do such thing.

 2. Don’t judge a person by his/her look

Whenever she sees a person, she always smile at the person. And the “strange” thing, she got a smile back. I won’t smile at all the persons that i meet, and i don’t get a smile back. With her, i don’t have to worry of cold situation. She always smile, and people smile back at her, and at me too sometimes. People that normally I don’t give a smile, or people that normally i will avoid, or people that will avoid me…..with her unpretentiousness, she goes well with everybody.

Probably, that’s how God look at us. He doesn’t see us by color, race, accessories, style, health condition, or age. He just sees us as we are….

3. Be curious about everything

Another important attitude for learning, is curiosity. She is always curious about things and easily pleased with all the small little things. The lights amazed her, and even windows captivates her attention. Things we find it normal and ordinary, are extraordinary for her. She is interested with ceiling fans. And she laughs heartily with animated toyz. She studies the texture of clothes in details. And she plays with an object for very long time. Even after some times, she still engage with the same objects with deep concentration as if she wants to savor every bits of it.

So simple things…how the cylinder could roll, how the cup can spin, how the blocks can fly, how the button can produce sound……These things amaze her. She will observe with her eyes, follow through with her tiny fingers, and often will lick with her tounges. That joy and delight in learning…if all children and adult learn with such attitude………this world would be a happier place i think.

4. Give It a Try

Again, this is another trait of her that startled me. Not only she’s curious, but she’s brave enough to try things out.

She likes to imitate us as adults. So takes our spectacles, she holds our glasses, and she tries our food. Those are times when I was taken aghast at her. She did broke our spectacles, drop some glass & plates, and got her tounge and hands scorched.

Yet she remains a happy cheerful little girl. Sometimes i wished she’s more careful. Yet i am not sure also, if she would learn as much as if she’s daring to try like now.

5. Be Happy

Everyone will agree that she’s such a happy baby. Everywhere she goes, whoever she meets, she spread her smile like her arms. How blessed we are as her parents. Probably it’s more of personality. Yet it’s something i learn too, to see with brighter outlook and smile more. It does make a difference.

6. Self-Sacrifice

I think this is a general lesson all parents will learn sooner or later. Somehow as parents this comes more often. We could forget and endure anything for the sake of their well-being. Their needs would come first almost naturally.

7. Learn from mistakes

She might be young and inexperienced. But she won’t be fooled two times. The first time I gave her a reason for “No”, she could use the same reason for her to say “No” for something else. Knowing the reason is more important than winning the game 🙂

8. Come to the parents when you’re afraid

Recently we had bushfires across Australia and it scarred them. One night, she came to me “prentending” she need to use the toilet. But I know she just use that as an excuse to come to me and wake me up. And I thought what a lesson for me. When I am afraid, my Heavenly Father will welcome me and all fears is gone.

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