2011 Thanksgivings

1. Chinese New Year meal together in sg with the cousins
2. Our 2nd honeymoon to Phuket 🙂
3. Our trip to NZ – It is simply by grace, from the booking and the whole journey there (finding the doctor, same date as our friend, witnessing a proposal by Lake Tekapo, staying at my aunt, and many other things)
4. Company Year end to Bintan – again another beautiful place
5. My brother’s wedding – the big family gathered
6. My sis’s marriage proposal and my bro in law came down to meet my mum
7. Staying together with my precious wife. A beautiful companion and wonderful friend.
8. Completed very big thing at work, to mark a new beginning in 2012.
9. Went through a lot things both at work & life. But some good friends stayed by my side & prayed for me.
10. Make new friends. I, D, GB, D
11. My wife possibly pregnant.

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