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Love of God

Sometimes God uses animal to teach us something. And I thought tonight, He uses our little pets to teach me about His divine love.

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Thanking God for blessed yesterday

Yesterday, there’re so many things happened. And I just want to keep and store them. All the blessings and thanksgivings. Looking from God’s perspective:

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God knows

It’s again the same old bad habit…comparing myself with another person. What do I compare? Achievement…in terms of possession (assets, career, future, etc). And it seems that i just “wasted” my years and life for “nothing”. Till, when i was … Continue reading

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Best Compliment

This morning, it was probably the best compliment i’ve ever received. My colleague told my boss,”the best ever wedding vow she has ever heard…to love the wife as Christ loves the church”, and she pointed to me. I didn’t remember … Continue reading

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Most Fortunate Man

Just when i was about to be tempted…for i saw in newspaper, this month lottery amount of $10 million. I thought, if i’ve to share 1 million (10% of it) with my friends, we probably could live happily for many … Continue reading

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A Better Man?

Tonight, i guessed i just liberated from one more “false” doctrine out there. Somehow, I couldn’t understand why i believed and many others too. For one my ex-teacher told me,”to be a better man, get married!”. I soon got married, … Continue reading

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Beautiful Wedding

About 2 weeks ago, we went up to Bali for one my best friends. We didn’t really make a plan, for it’s just 1 day trip. It’s during the times when airlines imposed additional surchages (i think to cope with … Continue reading

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For Better For Worse

Yesterday would definitely a day we’d remember. As our usual routine, going for swimming nearby complex. Then the first big thing, penpen stuck in middle of the pool. I came to save her…but it’s not successful. So then, 2 adults … Continue reading

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Part of marriage life is the preparation class I took 2 years ago. Something that opened my eyes then and always remembered as my great homework. The study of her, and woman in general. Many things i’ve found out after … Continue reading

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Housing Saga (6) – NS2 man

Common here, NS stands for National Service. Was thinking on reflection about the recent event of house moving. I can also say NS2(square)  as Nor Saint Nor Superman. It describes me best throughout this period. Far from being a Superman, … Continue reading

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