Thanking God for blessed yesterday

Yesterday, there’re so many things happened. And I just want to keep and store them. All the blessings and thanksgivings. Looking from God’s perspective:

  • I thank God that I could sleep with my wife again. It is almost a miracle. There’s obedience and faith in my part, to be decisive and purposeful. And also the faith part to trust God that He will take care the rest. My young girl need to stop breastfeeding, and also she needs to sleep through the night. My elder girl should be willing to share room with the sister, and both should be loving towards each other. Only God could bring the change in heart. My wife to be cooperative too, not to sleep very late. Again I know it is very hard if not almost impossible.
  • I thank God that my young girl took God seriously. Though she is strong will and like to insist, but when confronted with God’s truth, she listened.
  • Most amazing incident when she said she won’t drink milk because my wife’s knee painful. My wife offered her the breastfeeding, but she insisted not to drink.
  • Thank God that protected my wife. She had a big fall yesterday, her jean was torn, and her skin was torn too. Yet God protected her.
  • Together with my elder girl knee injury, we read about Jesus crucifixion, and she appreciated Jesus’ death in greater depth. Jesus went to the cross in great pain because of His great love. Otherwise, without relating to our pains, it stays at head knowledge
  • That God for the change in her heart. She had been praying great prayer for the last 2 days. And she was very quick to pray for my wife’s knee injury. It’s just amazing.
  • The night before, we were in panic mode discussing our plans. But yesterday, simply asking people for information, and they answered my questions with so much love. Thank God who speaks into our circumstances. There’s much clarity, but more importantly, knowing that God is with us.
  • Thank God I found the lost letter. Meant so much to find something lost back.
  • Thank God for keeping me safe from evil and temptation.
  • Thank God for my boss that save me from confrontation with a quarrelsome fellow. May God have mercy on him.
  • Thank God for the strength, I could sweep and mop the floor. And together we do laundry and hang children clothes. My wife cooked for dinner.
  • Thank God for the time, we discussed about having children as God’s blessing, based on 1 Chro 25

It’s just so amazing …12 things God did for me and my family in a single day. Thank God for time to sit down and write this down. Glory be to God.

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