God’s Moment

The children had already long gone to bed, and my wife was on bed too. I was the only one still awake to do what I was supposed to do; sending out resumes. And just when I thought I found a good contact, then my laptop behaved weirdly. So I had to cool it down.

While I was waiting for it to cool down, I did the next productive thing which I had been wanted to do; to sort out my papers and books. So I took out a box, then started to sort through my ‘precious’ books.

I had quite difficult moments to decide which one to give away and which ones to keep. And somehow, as I glanced on my collection, I can’t help but notice that they belong to theme of Mission and Jesus. Basically, from all the books, if they’re not about Jesus, then they’re about Mission.

It took a toil on me because it took longer than I expected to decide on the books to be given away. So I resumed my resume activity. And after a short time, my laptop behaved weird again. By this time, I had no choice but to give it a rest.

And I started to sort out my papers. It was easier, I threw out quite a lot. Then I read a news update from OM. Somehow, my eyes kept reading from one story to another. And at the end, I thought I recapture my long lost passion back. Something within me that burns brighter and stronger than looking for IT jobs.

But I know that God has put me in IT for a purpose. And I could only pray,”Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” I felt challenged through the reading of the newsletter. What Hudson Taylor said,”God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.” And today, my eldest girl has already 5 years old. That means I’ve not looking into this arena of mission for 5 years. How time flies.

So I took the first step, to pray. The next steps would be to give and to go. The next step would be our family thing. This thing won’t be only about me, but something which we would commit together as a family. May God help us.

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