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Long updates over eventful past

The days are long but the times are short. There were quite many events happened between last post and this post. Instead of going back in time, I would prefer to write a summary of those events. Let the memory … Continue reading

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Beautiful Wedding

About 2 weeks ago, we went up to Bali for one my best friends. We didn’t really make a plan, for it’s just 1 day trip. It’s during the times when airlines imposed additional surchages (i think to cope with … Continue reading

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Story of A luggage (3) – Last Rush

So finally,  After waiting for so long, i better finish up the story…. Last part of the luggage story… and u’re privileged to read this coz its the most untold story (haven’t told this to anybody yet as long as i … Continue reading

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Completing the stories

I had a very long sleep again after so long.. The Cameron Highland trip turned out to be the best holiday this year  Spent 3 days 2 nites with karen, chew chern, vivi, cherry, sui, and daniel lim (called dd) … Continue reading

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Cameron Highland trip

Will be away for another trip to Cameron Highland soon. So..UCANTAM (US, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia) trip for 2005… Glad for the prayer supports of many, including my dear grandmother. Nothing is better than the closeness and warmness of your closests … Continue reading

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New York City – Toronto Journey

It’s another early morning 5 am we woke up, after a long nite of walking in Manhattan, NYC, Times Square & Broadway area to be more exact. After the beautiful show of Beauty & The Beast…“who will ever love a beast?” … Continue reading

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US Trip (3)

Finally the day is tomorrow… Update from my last entry on US trip, at the end, managed to get Canon PowerShot A520…with cheapest price.. $488 with 512 mb SD Card + back pack + charger…. And this is really thank … Continue reading

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US Trip (2)

Taiwan’s visa is approved… Thanks to Andrew hehe.. And thank God for everything that works nice and smooth… Providing me with friends and useful informations…  Only a few hours on Sun morning in Taipei…and yet i’m cared so much =) … Continue reading

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US trip (1)

Woah…. Have come this far, throughout the so many things for the past months… From applying for US Visa, took leave, and used my MC to get back my passport. Enter the US Embassy at wrong timing and argued 3 … Continue reading

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