2014 Thanksgivings

This year, I thought to start it early and regularly:

  1. Our health: For 3 weeks our family went down with sickness. Starting from our girl, then my wife, and lastly the worst was me. We “wasted” New Year and my wife’s birthday on sickness.
  2. My sister-in-law bought my wife birthday cake with candle, and we spent together in nice dinner. On that day, probably the first this year that my wife and I could have our time together, leaving our daughter with my sister-in-law. I thank God for her.
  3. Credit card issues were settled in one day. The first card deducted an amount but was not topped up to our prepaid card. Took almost 1 month the amount to be credited back. Secondly, I was told there was not enough money to pay the second credit card, so made a rush transfer on that day. Later realized that I had already paid, hence there is no sufficient amount for the second payment. So we had enough and didn’t spend frugally. I thank God for the closure.
  4. When I went down with 5 days sickness, one of the day was my leave day that I applied the last month. However, my company’s HR gave me favor, taking the MC and didn’t count me taking leave on that day. I thank God for her.
  5. We got many times lift from friends because of our little girl:
  • When it’s raining after Tabitha, one of the employers sent us to Dhoby Ghout MRT
  • Another time when it’s raining, a friend sent us to Marymount MRT
  • 2 weeks ago after the CNY celebration at my boss house, a new colleague offered to drive us and spent an afternoon together at McDonald
  • Last week, a church friend drove us to Paya Lebar MRT

6.  My wife’s second pregnancy, and how God preserved us so far:

  • It was very very difficult journey. She kept vomiting past through the first trimester.
  • It was probably the worst ever time in our lives, looking after my mum-in-law (2 months she’s bedridden), and my pregant wife in first trimester.
  • A few times the journey was unbearable for it become so stressful for my wife and I, couldn’t find helper to look after our girl, and got into relationship issue with my boss and few friends in group. Thank God managed to find friends to help to babysit our girl and she well behaved and well-liked.
  • My wife had a fall when we’re on holiday overseas, thank God the baby was ok.


7.  God spoke to me, and reminded me to forgive someone

8.  I got salary increase after we prayed.

9.  I got one customer near end of the year.

10.   Our girl fell two times from the swing, one time from the bed, and the Lord protected her thus far.

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