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New Year 2020

Pause is a good thing. We started 2020 rather hecticly. There’s flood and my wife had to call home to ask my parents in law to evacuate. And then last night the haze from bushfire came to our doorstep. It … Continue reading

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New Release

I never fan of new stuff or latest things. But today, I’m happy to experience the sense of newness. And I like the term New Release. And I went home, telling my wife about the experience, that is better than … Continue reading

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Broken life, Wonderful life

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. ~ Psalm 147:3 It has been a very hectic, trying, and weird weeks and days in my life. I was delivered so wonderfully that until today, I still can’t stop singing … Continue reading

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The rightness and goodness of it

“But when he came to himself, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have more than enough bread, but I perish here with hunger! ~ Luk 15:17 There is something here which struck the mind of the prodigal … Continue reading

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Life is unfair (3)

Perhaps this’s my last entry on this subject I don’t know how to explain or put it in a clear and sober way… However the accounts of 3 people I read lately have opened my eyes. One is a man … Continue reading

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A New New Year

how’s your New Year? a question asked by a friend….or many friends i can’t really remember. it’s special. First time in my life that i could close a year with the kind of “completing” feeling. Though funny that i only … Continue reading

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In the basement, laid bare n naked i did have little glimpse of whatis humanity that a ruler can have authority over man yet there’s always higher authority… and worse the highest authority over mankind is either good or evil … Continue reading

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Present and Future

This is my Father’s world. That is that we’re here to preserve and take care. And that’s man’s destiny. We’re created as king to rule. So Pastor Chris’ sermon on Jesus wept over Lazarus. He wept because man is destined … Continue reading

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One Life to Live

There’re two options: Either we will spend it extremely for our most satisfaction Or we will spend it all for the One who created us. How will you spend your times? No time at moment to go more details on … Continue reading

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Song of Time

Life on earth is temporary On this last years, There’ve been so many death cases Why are you disturbed o my soul? life is temporary why do u think it’s eternal? If tomorrow never comes why do u worry so … Continue reading

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