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Random thoughts – unfinished work

Perhaps, one of the biggest lessons for me this year is on humility & meekness. I was asked what is my birthday wish? What do I want? I do have one wish which I always dream and I know it … Continue reading

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A face of contentment

Somehow, the question and the journey of finding left a mark in me. And so I decided to write this down. Who knows it may bless someone on the way… So apparently, I have an issue with “contentment”. I guess … Continue reading

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Revealing Testimony

Few days ago, I read on 2 Sam 11:1-5 as my morning devotion. It’s a very rare passage for meditation and i hardly remember ever meditated on it before. The big lesson that I picked up from the story is … Continue reading

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Good Friday 2016

Thanks be to God for His love and mercy to me. It has been such a long long time, that I could enjoy Good Friday as a day of myself. Today is such a rare occurrence. I could attend the … Continue reading

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3 Things I Thank God This Morning

For the little yellow-olive bird that passed by and greeted me. Its fertilizing the flowers, making this world more beautiful. Thank You Lord, for my eyes to see Thy beauty and joy. For the two little girls in the train. … Continue reading

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Day by Day

I feel really so blessed. Last week started to count the Lord’s blessings. And i am very surprised, each day there’re always something I could give thanks to the Lord. The way God answer our prayers is just so amazing! … Continue reading

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A Defense from Temptation

The man (woman) who truly and disinterestedly enjoys any one thing in the world, for its own sake, and without caring two cents what other people say about it, is by that very fact fore-armed against some our subtlest modes … Continue reading

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On the run again

I always feel good whenever on the run Really enjoy running

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Wanna to swim dude?

Whoa!! What is the best way to ask somebody to swim? Or to force urself to swim regularly?  I think the best answer i’ve at moment is ask them to sign for Marathon run…or u sign up for a Marathon … Continue reading

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for goodness here n there

Received postcards and letter from prazt….hahahahaha He’s so cool and funny … kekekeke … where did he got the idea from to write such letter…. kekekeke (still laughing) thanks a lot man… here in sg seems nothing to send…hehehehe….can’t think … Continue reading

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