Day by Day

I feel really so blessed. Last week started to count the Lord’s blessings. And i am very surprised, each day there’re always something I could give thanks to the Lord. The way God answer our prayers is just so amazing!

On Sunday, i just picked up our girl birthday gift from one our family good friend. It was a balancing bike!! I cried when my wife told me. For previously i wanted to buy her balancing bike / normal bike. But the price is quite ridiculous for bike for toddler. I thot why have to spend so much money just for fun of a toddler? And the Lord knows my frustration. And gave the pleasant surprise. What a God…

Last Fri, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. And when our girl got tummyache, we decided to bring her to see doctor (at 9.30pm). There was only 1 clinic i know still open till late. To our delight, the doctor was someone we know from our church. And he is not supposed to be there. Only that night he was on duty there. What a God.

Last Thu, despite a bank didn’t give me interest because i missed out about $30 last month, because a transaction came late, i learned some other products. And i calculated we earned more through this. Also, a good friend helped to look after our girl today. And my wife managed to get the gifts for our dear friends. So happy we could give something to our friends. What a God.

Last Wed, also a church friend helped to look after our girl. She played a lot and made good friends. I managed to go home by train (save money), then ate dinner together with my daughter. Thank God for the whole arrangement, and His protection over us.

Last Tue, our girl got ballet costume from my colleague. She was about to give them away when she saw me and passed me the ballet costume. Was so happy. We wanted her to learn ballet, this probably to motivate her and us. What a God.

So, a ballet costume, a balancing bike, friends to help….what else could I ask? In fact today our girl got duplo from another family friend as her birthday present. God’s blessings just overpowering….one after the other….each day brings a new blessing. What a God.

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