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Rumbling thoughts (milestone year, uncertainties, and questions)

There has been many things going on in my life & thoughts at the moment. That I thought to write them down will help me to cool down

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My Redeemer Lives

Yesterday was not feeling well, and thought probably today gonna need to take some rest. And so this morning, went to see doctor and given 2 days of rest. Now wife brought baby to do groceries, and i had time … Continue reading

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Wisdom of God (2)

I read Tolkien’s book Children of Hurin……and i was troubled. It’s so dark….very different from his other works like the Hobbit & LOTR. But yesterday, i found out that he actually had a draft of his whole story….and interestingly in … Continue reading

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A Different Song

Many are the sorrows of the wicked, but steadfast love surrounds the one who trusts in the LORD. – Ps 32 : 10 This time i’m trying to do something different. While i’m so used to write and share things … Continue reading

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A Moment of gladness

If you are happy then clap your hand If you are happy then praise God If you are happy then share the smile Thank you Lord for this morning happiness There’re times to rejoice and times to mourn Times to … Continue reading

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