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Eternity in Perspective

Lately i’ve been thinking and reflecting about life. This year going to an end. I’ve a colleague suffered a serious cancer. Family members of my cell group had serious health issues. And i do know that my life here on … Continue reading

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Wisdom of God (2)

I read Tolkien’s book Children of Hurin……and i was troubled. It’s so dark….very different from his other works like the Hobbit & LOTR. But yesterday, i found out that he actually had a draft of his whole story….and interestingly in … Continue reading

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In the light of eternity (part 1)

Came for morning session of Go4th Mission on Sat. Glad that i came Reminded once again of looking from right perspective : “In the light of eternity”. It’s very easy to be caught up with the busy life and drifted with … Continue reading

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Present and Future

This is my Father’s world. That is that we’re here to preserve and take care. And that’s man’s destiny. We’re created as king to rule. So Pastor Chris’ sermon on Jesus wept over Lazarus. He wept because man is destined … Continue reading

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