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2 Loaves and 1 Chicken

Yesterday I went to buy bread and pick up groceries. As I came down from car and wait for my order, a man approached me. He opened his hands with some coins, told me that his pay only comes on … Continue reading

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Talking about Joy

Jesus answered, “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while he is with them?  Luke 5:34 (NIV) It’s a question with the answer “NO” is very obvious isn’t it? Regardless of any cultures, wedding is considered one of the most … Continue reading

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Looking at Circumstances

We are not fundamentally free; external circumstances are not in our hands, they are in God’s hands, the one thing in which we are free is in our personal relationship to God. We are not responsible for the circumstances we … Continue reading

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Redemptive Grace

The question puzzles me, “why did God punish Eve and all women with so much pain in child-bearing? And why did God punish Adam and all men with much pain in working to earn a living?” Both are the life-line … Continue reading

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Broken and Torn yet Special

Yesterday, unusually my girl waited for me at the window again. She was such a joyful girl. And later my wife told me that she had been waiting for me to open her favorite red drink. And my wife she … Continue reading

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Being Ready

This morning my eyes were so heavy that I couldn’t open it to read my morning devotion. So i just prayed that the Lord will give me the word for the day somehow. Trying to remember any verses, but nothing … Continue reading

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Will i succeed?

A question i asked myself regarding this goal: To bring “indonesia mentality” to singapore’s lifestyle What do i mean? Find the hectic life in sg has actually since 50 years ago. And it seems to be the culture here. That … Continue reading

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Tired and sleepy

Feel very tired and sleepy. The Bible Study run late last night. Early this morning brother Herry really woke me up and thank God that i managed to force my body to move out from bed. it’s very hard to … Continue reading

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