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Redemptive Grace

The question puzzles me, “why did God punish Eve and all women with so much pain in child-bearing? And why did God punish Adam and all men with much pain in working to earn a living?” Both are the life-line … Continue reading

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Broken and Torn yet Special

Yesterday, unusually my girl waited for me at the window again. She was such a joyful girl. And later my wife told me that she had been waiting for me to open her favorite red drink. And my wife she … Continue reading

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Being Ready

This morning my eyes were so heavy that I couldn’t open it to read my morning devotion. So i just prayed that the Lord will give me the word for the day somehow. Trying to remember any verses, but nothing … Continue reading

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Will i succeed?

A question i asked myself regarding this goal: To bring “indonesia mentality” to singapore’s lifestyle What do i mean? Find the hectic life in sg has actually since 50 years ago. And it seems to be the culture here. That … Continue reading

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Tired and sleepy

Feel very tired and sleepy. The Bible Study run late last night. Early this morning brother Herry really woke me up and thank God that i managed to force my body to move out from bed. it’s very hard to … Continue reading

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