Bible Questions

  1. [11/10/20] – Genesis 20: Why did Abraham lie? I supposed he has learnt so much, grown so much, known God so much, and to repeat the same mistake again? Can’t find a satisfactory answer to the WHY question here. Could it be true that there’s no guarantee how we will be in future? How could then we be sure (of others) if anything is possible?
  2. [11/10/20] – Genesis 20: What a strange ending. How do God see this? Is he pleased? Is he saddened? Why did He side to Abraham and didn’t rebuke Him if he’s not pleased? On contrary, he rebuked Abimelech. Are we wrong to conclude Abraham’s behavior with our own moral standard? But is God then side with half truths?
  3. [11/10/20] – Genesis 21:22-34: What is the significant of this portion? The planting of tamarisk tree is a kind of symbolical which I don’t understand. In the past, Abraham built altar, and this is the first time he’s planting a tree. Also a well at Beersheba, where Hagar run out water.