Good Friday 2016

Thanks be to God for His love and mercy to me.

It has been such a long long time, that I could enjoy Good Friday as a day of myself. Today is such a rare occurrence. I could attend the Good Friday sermon uninterrupted. And it was a very well prepared and delivered sermon. It speaks to the inside of me.

The story about Fritz Kreisler moved me deeply. Firstly, because it talks about a violinist. Secondly, it talks about letting the whole world hear the beautiful music from that violin. Which he ties with letting the world hear the good news of God. It’s something which I wanted down within. In the past, I always tie Good Friday with evangelism. So I pray, may the Lord help me to be his instrument for His glory. For all that I’ve gone through, may nothing left wasted, but to achieve His purpose and desire. In this context, the bearing of the fruit and proclamation of the gospel.

In the evening, I got the second rare opportunity to touch and play my violin again. After I tuned it, its sounds just melted my heart. I totally enjoyed the couple of minutes playing it. I felt so therapeutic afterward.  Thanks to Joel for the violin. May the Lord bless him.

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