Today, finally managed to transfer the amount of money that supposed to be given over a year ago. It was delayed because I could not get the account of the other party. Just got connected back in December. With a few small transfers that went through successfully, I was confident to transfer the larger amount.

So today I made the transfer. There will be another one, probably next month.

And suddenly, the Lord brought back to memory. I still remembered the shock that I got looking at my past historical receipts. The year that my first daughter was born, I gave a large donation. I was tearing looking at that, because those were difficult years, and the Lord had been faithful during those years, even till today.

This year is also similar. We are bigger family, and more needs. And income ins’t improved much. We are always thankful for God’s providence. It shows that God provides. Down the line, when I would remember back, it is God’s faithfulness that we were able to give.

How great is our God! He provides us with much that we can give generously. Blessed be the Lord.

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