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The Hour

It’s a mixed of emotions within. Of sadness, of uncertainty, of thanksgivings, and of peace. Even if I cannot make a meaning of all these thoughts and emotions, I think for my sanity, this writing would be a good channel. … Continue reading

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Random thoughts – unfinished work

Perhaps, one of the biggest lessons for me this year is on humility & meekness. I was asked what is my birthday wish? What do I want? I do have one wish which I always dream and I know it … Continue reading

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The always told story

This morning, I can’t remember how it came. But i know this what the Lord impressed on me. The scene where a woman, name Mary, pour out very expensive perfume, all…, on a man’s, name Jesus, feet. Something that never … Continue reading

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On humility (2)

I think it’s not coincidence, last nite we’re talking about pride. It’s quite interesting that A pointed out very early during our discussion, that it’s the problem with pride. Quarrel, regardless the cause, because someone is too proud. As Chris … Continue reading

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On humility

I must confess that it’s not an easy lesson. For it bruised my pride, and i’ve to face up with my own weaknesses. However, God is so good. He’s already prepared in advance. For the words before that were: “An … Continue reading

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