Amazed and Grateful

This afternoon, I felt really miserable. I felt really alone, and I do not know who I could share with. I felt discouraged, and bit like Job. He received bad news one after the other. He kept losing his fortune in successive waves, and finally he lost his children, and his health. And he rightly felt that God has abandoned him.

I said I felt a bit like Job because I still have my wealth, my health, and children. But the things that went wrong keep coming one after another.

I felt my wife’s sadness. After lunch, she went straight to bed. I tried my best effort 100% to fix her phone and failed. As I threw my disappointment and heavy burden on the gardening toils, I felt my girls were busy themselves instead of helping out.

So God consoled me in the garage. He reminded me the example of Job. And afterward, I was okay again.

After our dinner, my wife asked me if I’ve watched this and that youtube videos, which I could even recite to her what’s next. I’ve given up the idea of fixing the phone in the afternoon. Yet she is still not giving up.

And after I put the girls to bed, my wife told me she managed to move the files out of the phone. And she told me how she did it.

And my mind went back as far as when we first get married. How we look hard for the “perfect” wedding ring with our limited budget. We’ve run through all the jewelry shops in the shopping mall. And we’ve also went through several shopping mall. I’ve given up hope of finding one, and she didn’t give up, and she found it.

Then I would never forget when 4 years ago on our journey home from Adelide, I accidentally put the CD into the gap between the CD player and the car. When we reached home, the girls and I were busy unloading. And she still inside the car trying to prick out the CD. I told her I could buy the CD again, or even call a mechanic to open that part and get the CD. Yet she didn’t move and keep trying. And just when she almost to get it out, the CD slipped back inside the gap, I told her just to forget it. Her time and effort trying to get the CD worth more than the CD itself. Still she didn’t give up. At the end, she finally got the CD out. That night, I saw something in her that I never know before. Talking about not giving up, she is the picture of that word.

Tonight, when I see her sitting there, spending her precious weekend to fix the phone, which I’m the IT person in the family has failed, I thank God for the precious gift of my wife. Her health is worrying. Her memory is failing her. And she kept getting herself into trouble one after another (not that she’s looking for it or doing something bad, but somehow seems trouble has a way of finding her), till she’s afraid of what would go wrong next.

I am trully thankful for her and amazed at this wonderful woman. She might no longer the same person when she’s younger. But somehow, deep within, she is still the same person. Her tenacity and never giving up spirit doesn’t change.

God bless you my dear wife.

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