Take it easy – Cameron Highlands drama [end]

Somehow [how often i use this word], i manage to take it easy this round.

Just want to close the Cameron Highlands trip story…similar story of rushing and last minute thing…and the mercy of God 

It’s monday morning, i lead on group devotion on subject of ministry. Took from 2 Corinth 5, abt ministry of Reconciliation that Paul received from God… It started with Paul reminded us, ministry only by God’s mercy. How soon we forget this first clause, and thinking that it’s our work and ministry. It’s liberating truth, and more thankful, for we’re here only by His grace [Indonesian song…all bcs of His grace], not bcs we’re smart, talented, rich, skilful, or even good looking.

I’ve had many rejections in life [everybody too i believe], and only one person never reject me [everybody too i believe] is God.

After this, i shared on my UCANTA trip, the joy and struggle i had. And assured them that this time it won’t happen again, coz this time i’ve checked with the bus station, there’s bus tomorrow morning to bring me down to Kuala Lumpur.

Happily we walked to town to get our lunch. Had really [i think] best group lunch so far. And hadn’t been satisfied with the steamboat, we headed to eat ice cream…fantastic ice cream and cozy place…u’ve to see the pictures we took. Full and had a lot fun, we headed around [to digest], and waited for taxi home. Asked around for taxi tomorrow morning to bring me to bus station.

And…karen asked me if i’ve bought the bus ticket. “I haven’t” was my reply, ” the girl told me tomorrow morning come and queue”. So i made a phone call [6 pm] by now, and asked for ticket tomorrow 8 am to Kuala Lumpur. To my horror, no more tickets, both for 8 am and 9 am, left only 10.30 am…and that won’t make it to KL by 2.30 pm to catch my bus back to Singapore.

That’s it…karen wanted to “strained” me to coz the whole team in panic and “ruin” the fun day. I didn’t know what to do either. It’s my mistake, no experience and trusted the girl on the phone, i thought came down to bus station early morning and just bought ticket…and now seems ppl booked already and fully booked.

So few of us went down to the bus station, asked the taxi driver to help us just to get 1 more seat for me…to no avail. There’re quite chaos there…i can’t really remember what are the options that we thought and tried at that time.

Only remembered we called Tapah [another small town] for bus to KL or eixven Singapore. And vi suggested to take taxi to Tapah, if no bus to KL, to go back Cameron Highland and took the 10.30 bus to KL. But then KL – Sg, how am i going to catch that bus? It’s the most difficult bus to get and most important…else i can’t go back to Singapore.

Last, [with much prayer] karen called the agency and asked if i could join them in van tomorrow morning to Tapah. The good news was that the “previously troublesome” agency allowed me to join the van for free. So we rejoiced over the fact i could get from Cameron Highlands to Tapah…and left with Tapah to KL that we’ll see on the next day when we reach there….

Hahaha…everyone went crazy…but i most…[shouted to the mountain tops]…how much God loves me? But how much do i love God? God loves as steady as the mountains. So i’s saved from the calamity and even got better way of returning; same van with my friends…7 of us again.

So the next morning, i even had breakfast, saved taxi fare to bus station, the van came and picked us up…and journey to Tapah…shared God’s love to Mr Vasu. And there at Tapah…shortly after met the Caspian office, rushed to catch the bus that brought me to Kuala Lumpur. And even better, i had chance to talk with my long friend Galvin there at KL.

You see, man [me] failed and messed up things, but God made it for good. Even at the end i received far better than what i could plan. But it’s lesson for me. Don’t repeat this mistake again. Plan and prepare properly. So next time Lord, i promise them too, i won’t repeat the same mistake. Treat them with Tiramisu as my sorry causing heart-attack for them.

See, i even know how to make Tiramisu bcs this incident 😀

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