A Holiday to Remember

This holiday is special in many ways!

  1. Our first family holiday, as well as my birthday treat, and lastly a kind of babymoon for my wife.
  2. It was almost cancelled because our girl fell sick on the day we were supposed to go. We cancelled the hotel and the driver. Thank God we didn’t have to pay. On the 2nd day, I asked my wife, she said everything is fine (all except me that lack of sleep), so we made booking of hotel and driver…and we go.
  3. My wife had a fall. I prayed a lot that it won’t harm the baby inside. She was afraid she injured her feet. May the Lord heals and protects.
  4. I got a glimpse of God’s love and faithfulness. In a way, this trip has stretched my faith and I could live more by faith than before the trip. It is not perfect in many ways, the hotel is not perfect, and our health is not perfect, it was not very well planned…but God has made it possible against all odds.
  5. I got my phone lost (it was unused throughout 2nd day), and found back today. With that I got our old photos, when both my wife and I are much younger. How good God is, I have married such wonderful lady.
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