Forget Not His Goodness

Bless the Lord, O my soul, forget not all his benefits, ~ Psalm 103:2

Indeed, the Lord has been very good to us. Last nite and even this morning, my heart is full of gratitude:

  1. For giving me a wonderful wife who tireless look after the home and our girl. I know she works hard to cook and look after the little one.
  2. For giving me a wonderful daughter. When she’s asleep, i see her a beautiful little girl, strong-willed, helpful, sweet girl, always smiling and make hearty laughter
  3. My smartphone came back to live after i thought it was gone. Thinking need to pay about $200 for a new phone.
  4. My wife’s tablet came back to live after i went 2 shops told me need to pay $40-60 to get it repaired.
  5. For allowing me to watch the ending of my fave animes: Initial D & Naruto
  6. For sparing me at my work, despite the many deadlines, people are understanding and I got time to do a good job
  7. For healing my wife and my girl. Last nite they’re much better already. Last week my girl had fever and vomiting.

Sometimes, it is easy to love when the going is easy. It is very hard to love when the going is tough. But when everything seems going to my way and i seems getting what i want almost easily, i just want to give thanks to God and give Him the credits. He is the one who gives us good things (James 1:17, 1 Tim 6:17) . Bless the Lord!

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