Lessons learnt for last 1 week

My stomach is still cramping. This is the 3rd day already. But the lessons are so raw and i better capture them before they’re gone.

First, with my short interaction with my best friend on the car when he drove us to the airport. I see myself there in his weaknesses. The short-temperedness, narrow-mindedness, toughness, stiffness, idealist, to some extent, only God could change us to overcome those things. Yet i’m encouraged by his integrity and principals, certainly i’d recommend him to anyone who’s seriously looking for a good employee, or business partner, or even a life partner.

He has the same issue i’m facing, that’s we don’t trust ourselves enough. We feel inferior in comparison with other people. I could see his skills and talents, and he valued himself too low for such calibre. Are we burying our talent here?

The second thought that came to me is about success. The devils’ third temptation to Jesus is the splendor and glory of this world, which would include success in this world too. I just wonder, if our idea of success, and the way we pursue it, whether at the back of it, is it from God or from the devil?


Comparing Surabaya & Singapore, no doubt Singapore is more successful in many and various ways. However, something is sacrificed on the altar of success and progress. When taxi drivers just dump passengers belonging on the floor, then goes off immediately rushing for the next passengers as if by doing that they could make a difference. Comparing with those in Surabaya, that they take time to relate to you, and make sure you get all your things unloaded, before they go off.

The week before, I met with my old relative over a lunch. She told me, that these days, the young people like to rush and rush. It’s cultural.

It struck me because I’m a habitual rusher. Many more can be said about this. But i think my point here is when we don’t rush, we could really treat people as person.

To be continued…:)

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