Jesus’ moment

Last night we had a conference. 4 of us discussed a lot of things. We haven’t arrived at final conclusion besides going through what needs to be done and covered. It was a mixed feelings. On one hand, I’m happy that my mum in law won’t need to go for immediate and aggressive treatment. On the other hand, I’m sad because the treatment is lifelong and the medicine is expensive (more than what we can afford). On one hand, I’m afraid because this is a new medicine with not much well established. On the other hand, I’m happy too because at least there is something to try.

This morning, I cried out to God again about this matter. The whole thing just seemed so big and beyond me. I cried out to God because it’s just more than what I could bear. There is no way I could find a solution. We’re talking of footing the bills that larger than our salaries. I just joined a mission agency that basically I would need to raise fund for my living. And I have never done it before, at the moment, I got 0 donor and $0, let alone raise fund for the lifelong medicine for my mum in law.

My sis in law is getting married soon. I know as my previous experience, most couple won’t have a lot of money left after their wedding day. Prior to their wedding, mostly they would use up a lot of their savings.

And I read Matthew 14 as my morning devotion. And the light just struck me there. Few things that I derived:

  1. Jesus heard the news about John the baptist death, and he responded to withdraw and pray. The crowd heard the news about Jesus went to a place and they responded to track him down.
  2. When Jesus saw the crowd, he was moved with compassion.

The first two points seem to suggest that we’re pretty normal to respond according to our senses. Jesus hears and sees, then he responds. What he heard and saw, moved him for action.

3. The disciples recognized they didn’t have enough for what it take.

4. They brought what they had (5 loaves and 2 fish).

I felt that God could use the impossible circumtances to display his power and bring glory to His name. Instead of looking at the problem, look unto God and ask Him for the miracle. At the end, all had full and left over. So yah, it’s a faith stretching moments for me. I might have the little money, and certainly it won’t be enough to cover the need. But somehow God could multiply that through His power.

5. Jesus dismissed the crowd and his disciples, carried on with his solitutude prayer.

The need to get back to what we needed to do in the first place. After we responded to the need, go back to the initial call.

6. The disciples faced strong wind that they could not overcome.

7. Jesus came walking on the water.

8. Peter got a taste of walking on the water, but rebuked because his lack of faith.

The work is not finished. There would be oppositions to God’s work. Again, another faith stretching moments. If we exercise our faith, we could walk on the water. Nothing impossible for God.

9. They arrived on the other side and ministered to the people.

God’s purpose being carried out.

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