Broken life, Wonderful life

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. ~ Psalm 147:3

It has been a very hectic, trying, and weird weeks and days in my life. I was delivered so wonderfully that until today, I still can’t stop singing and telling of God’s goodness. At the same time, I was witnessing and going through heartbreaking moments and experience.

This morning, I met with a very impressive lady. Never in my life I met such wonderful person. Words just can’t describe her. And yet, I mourned and wept because she just lost her dear brother. Again, I can’t describe the emotion that went through me. It just so deep and I wept.

I was enjoying a new change and met a lot of interesting and wonderful people. I rejoice for the whole new experience. And tonight, I heard the result about my mum in law prognosis. Her type is the rare one, and hence it was told she would require life long eating up new medicine, and that’s costly and also risky. But we can’t leave her just like that, at least my small heart don’t think that’s a good idea. Pain and suffering just isn’t good.

So I cried out to God. And He provided me with the strength, so I can face another day. Our life and our being could be broken. We are easily broken. But still, we can also be wonderful. We might be broken on the inside and outside. But by God’s grace, we could be wonderful life and story. Only in Jesus such hope could exist.

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