God is Good and Faithful

The Lord is faithful in all his words and kind in all his works. ~Psalm 145:13

Indeed, the Lord has brought into completion what He has started so long ago. And His ways are so far above my thoughts and dreams. I would never write, nor plan, nor imagine of such story.

Just about 2 weeks ago, I arranged lunch fellowship with the pastoral team to get to know the church better, and at the same time to get some local work experience. Before that, we had a little bit of time, so decided to drop by at OM office near our place. It was something that I had procrastinated for some times, and that day seems fit to pay a visit, and asking them for a volunteer opportunity and purchasing their worldwide map.

The next day, I received a phone call from the CEO, who’s willing to explore the volunteer work, but needed to have some interview. It was scheduled the week after, because the schedule of different people that need to attend the meeting. I thought they really took the volunteer so seriously. And thanks to my wife who insisted that I should wear formal to look professional, even though it may just a volunteer work.

3 days later after the interview, I got another call. This time a call for a chat over a coffee. My wife again insisted that I wore formal, even if it’s just a casual chat over a coffee. It turned out, I was asked what’s the minimum amount of salary that I need. I was not prepared, and I mentioned a figure, which later I regretted. So that night, I prayed to God, told Him that with that salary, minus the tax, would be very stretching our financial. On the other hand, I was asked to give some referral. And I passed the contact of my previous boss and pastor.

Didn’t hear anything back for about one week. My wife told me not to worry, probably the other side is trying to secure the budget if they want to hire me. Not long after that, the call came, and I requested a time when my wife could come and join. Because they would explain their pay structure which was very interesting for me to hear, when a religious worker could get a fringe tax benefit in this country. So I came back for the 3rd time, and thank God the two girls behaved extremely well on their own for 2 hours, so the meeting and conversation just progressed smoothly.

And to my great relief, they gave me above what I mentioned in my previous interview. That’s a huge relief to me, who was very scared if they really gave me what I asked. Really thank God for that. And so, the financial and technical questions were settled. I found peace at joining and serving here.

Today is the new day, a beginning of a new chapter in our journey in this land. Officially I start the work on this day, which is celebrated as a Labor day in Singapore.

At the same time, it was a very hard fought decision that is very costly for us as a family. My wife brought the two girls to fly back to Singapore and help to settle down her mother’s care. So I could focus and not delaying the work.

Thank God for the gift, the timing, and my wife that stood with me all the way.

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