After Surrender then What?

This week is a strange one, despite my best effort, things just don’t go according to what I wish. There are a lot of interruptions. Yesterday, we had a power outage / blackout. It’s good exposure for the girls. They told me it felt like a hotel stay. I worried for the cold and hungry night going to bed. God was merciful, the power returned back before midnight. This morning, my wife informed me that the water is contaminated due to the power outage yesterday. Both of us went to spread the news to friends we know, then cook the water and wait them till cool before pouring to our filter.

My mind is going through many directions too for the sharing tomorrow. With my MIL condition that everyday my SIL had to bring her to hospital, and my wife couldn’t find a catering that tick all the requirements. When my girl said life is difficult as adult, she really meant it.

I pray that may God use my feeble hands and wandering thoughts to bless my friends tomorrow.

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