A week update

Tonight, my wife just told me how fortunate we are to be able to get the house so fast. In comparison, there is a newcomer who found it very hard to secure a place. And also she recalled one of her friend found it hard to get a place.

How can we get it so easy just like that?

God must had opened the door for us.

And not only that, we got into a minor car accident. It was a long story. I hope this matter could be closed peacefully. Was hoping it could be better but it turned bit sour in the process.

Again, I know myself better. I’m not a good talker or poor negotiator. But thank God, the director himself handled my case and he is just terrific. May God bless him and his business.

Lastly about the sofa case.

I hope this also could be settled well. O Lord, please help us.

And there’re small hiccups here and there. Like my bank OTP which didn’t work for some reason….

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