Countless blessings in 2018

Today is the 18th day of 2018.

For the first time in 3 weeks, I could say I had a short break.

I showered a little bit longer. I let the children got messy and played a little bit longer. I shaved my beard and the children all in bed by 10pm, plus I had nothing urgent to do.

Thanks be to God. I had been wanting to update this blog for the longest time and didn’t have the time. Tonight, I got the time. However, this is probably gonna be a long writing, instead of small writings by bits…unless i have the time to break them into pieces.

What i will do is to list down all the blessings, and for each stories, I will write in flashback mode…:)


  • Matthew & Stephanie: Countless blessings and a marvelous friend in need.
    • They helped us to choose our first car, when both of us don’t know anything about car. Not only they helped us in choosing the car, but they fetched me from Melbourne Airport to pick up the car at the car shop, during one the hottest day in Melbourne when temperature rise about 41-44 degree Celcius, which a lot of people would stay indoor. Then they spent the whole day with our family over dinner. Talking about car, they even offered to lend us money to pay for the car if our money wasn’t enough. Who on earth with the right mind would do such things to such great length?
    • They recommended a good church for us to consider. And they went all the way, 45 mins drive on Sunday morning to visit the church also (though they had a nearby church already)
    • They brought us to nice restaurants with Malaysia & Singapore food. Not only that, they were such lovely and warm family that really spent the time to get to know you as a person
    • They invited us for dinner at their home and treated us with Aussie BBQ. Such a labor of love.
  • Janice & Loyd:
    • They were the first to extend hospitality to us. They offered their home to accomodate us when we first arrived.
    • They called us, fetched us from our hotel, cook very nice & superb BBQ dinner for us, and sent us back home on the New Year Eve. We were full and not lacking good things.
    • They offered their house to store our big luggages.
    • They lent us two of their very big and new luggages because our luggage broke down.
    • They shared with us their journey and stories migrating to Australia.
  • Megan & Caleb:
    • They treated us with very yummy Korean dinner in town.
    • They stored our 3 small luggages, made it possible for us to move hotel in 1 trip instead of 2 trips.
    • They opened their home for us to celebrate my wife birthday
  • Theoputra:
    • He gave us 1 week car park access
    • He store our luggage
    • He walked us home and carried our luggage
    • We were treated Nandos
  • Jackson & Karen:
    • They spent an afternoon to help us settling down, gave us so much precious information & tips

Divine Providence

  • Movement
    • Our CBD hotel location near with Theo’s apartment, so we could store our luggage at his place temporarily, safe us 1 trip on the day we move hotel
    • Theo’s parents were in town during the New Year, so we could celebrate our girl’s birthday in a home setting
  • Housing
    • Our first hotel was excellent. We got airport pick up with our so many luggages, and it’s free. It was clean and big to accomodate all of us and the luggages.
    • Our second hotel was also excellent. It is spacious and has all the facilities. The lack of car park was covered with Theo’s apartment location nearby and he gave the space to us for free. Our kids like it so much.
    • Our third AirBnb were also excellent in its own way. We got room partition, so my wife and I could enjoy some privacy from the chidren. It is quite big and clean. And it’s nearby to a lot places that helped us with our house inspections. There’s playground opposite the street, it has a dog that my children like to see.
  • Finance
    • The international bank transfer on that day happened within the same day. Afterwards, it didn’t happen again.
    • After all the drama about the bank transfer and car insurance plan and company, we left with $0 balance. God took care into such small details.
    • Pansy love gift were such a great help when our cash were running low.
    • I brought some Singapore dollar that were used because we need the money. We always have enough at all times
    • The bank transfer that came within a day despite the notice says 1-2 days, enables us to pay without borrowing money from other people

18th Jan (Thu)

  1. We signed our tenancy agreement (story 1)
  2. Miraculous bank transfer on same day (story 2)
  3. Witnessed minor car accident so close and all of us were safe

17th Jan (Wed)

  1. Private viewing / house inspection with ample time to inspect and ask questions
  2. Dropping my wife at shopping mall because she had bad tummyache and i brought the children for viewing


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